ISO 9001

The company intends to distinguish itself: for the quality, for the service and for meeting the needs of the customer, even the most specialized in terms of product and technology requirements to be used.

Any activity that directly or indirectly influences the quality of the service or product produced and therefore compliance with contractual requirements, is performed in the Company according to specific procedures to eliminate or otherwise manage in a controlled manner any problems or non-conformities that may arise.

Quality in the Organization is not left to chance, but it is the result of a serious training of employees, the use of specific operating procedures that allow us to carry out our activities in full compliance with the law and the projects / drawings / technical specifications entrusted to us.

The particular attention that the Management of GIANNETTI S.R.L. it places the requirements of safety, quality, reliability of materials and of the product delivered to customers, is further confirmed by the commitment and resources that the company has invested in implementing the Certification of its Quality Assurance System, able to " guarantee and demonstrate to the Customer "the respect, over time, of the contractual requirements, of the laws and techniques that guarantee the service and the product in compliance with the Customer's requests.

The organization intends to develop the principles of quality management in the company, such as customer orientation; leadership; the involvement of the staff; the process approach; the systematic approach to management; continuous improvement; decision making; interdependence with suppliers, each of which represents a fundamental rule of conduct that the Company intends to pursue.

All these premises have made us sensitive to the implementation in the Company of the standard - ISO 9001: 2000 and the related certification.

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